Vitalität und Lebensfreude

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Light and Love– Healing and Peace
Sit on a chair, your hands open on your legs. Take a deep breath three times and feel how you get calmer and calmer with every breath you take. You feel how you get more and more centred, completely in balance with your inner self.

Imagine your thoughts connecting

with the highest source of light,
with the highest source of oneness,
with the Divine source of Light and Love, Healing and Peace.
From this source you can feel or see a beam of light coming to you in a colour that you intuitively perceive. Maybe this will be healing light in green colour, refrigerant light in blue colour, high-frequency white, golden or purple light or light in any different colour. The light enters your body through your crown and spreads out through your whole body. You can feel how every cell of your body is filled with this wonderful light, you can experience more and more inner peace, calmness, equanimity and relaxation – wrapped in kind of silent happiness.

Now you realize how this light flows outside through the centre of your heart, constantly nourished by the source from above. Permanently think of the words “Light and Love, Healing and Peace” and imagine the light flowing to those who are in need. May the light enwrap them, protect and heal them – be it people, animals, landscapes or even buildings.

Like that this light can flow to Japan, to the people in Libya who crave for liberty as well as people in other countries do, or it may simply flow to all those who need help. Just let the light flow and stay in your calm attitude holding on to the thoughts of “Light and Love, Healing and Peace”. If you notice that your thoughts wander simply go back to the message of “Light and Love, Healing and Peace” unfolding in yourself the certainty that everything is alright.


Stay in this mood for about 10 to 15 minutes while being happy that thousands of other people send out Light and Love as well.

Slowly get aware of the room around you, move your arms and legs and keep your peace of mind as long as possible in your daily routine.

So it is – So it is – So it is
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